Within Reach West Virginia/MOW Recovery

Within Reach West Virginia and MOW Recovery will give the participant, both men and women, every possible chance for success instead of the worry and stress where traditional methods have tried and failed. Instead of worrying about immediately finding a job in order to pay rent, have food to eat, enjoy privacy where they live Within Reach allows the participant to immediately be in the solution without delay, stress or worry. Within Reach West Virginias comprehensive program of recovery will revolutionize the way and how traditional recovery housing, alcohol/drug addiction treatment centers, outpatient services and lack of employment or employment is done from this day forward.

525 5th St. Apt 1

Huntington, WV 25701

300 7th Ave.

Huntington, WV 25701

To contact us:

Phone: 304.529.5155

Fax: 304.529.5155

E-mail: info@withinreachwv.com

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery that "Works"

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